Would you like to meet a Greeter ?


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Would you like to meet a Greeter ?

Please fill in the questionnaire (in French) with the greatest care and attention.  It will enable us to meticulously prepare your welcome by your designated Greeter.  Please note this questionnaire should be sent in to us 15 days before your arrival (whenever possible) !



Please note that all the Greeters are volunteers and for the greater part also work.  The organization of an ‘tour’ will be subject to their availability :  filling-in a questionnaire does not automatically mean that a Greeter will be able to make himself/herself available to accompany you.

To ensure the smooth running of your ‘tour’ here are a few ‘rules’ to be respected…
Your Greeter will have agreed to spend a minimum of 2h with you.  We suggest that you allow a bit longer just in case…(spontaneity may well take over which results in you exceeding the 2 hour time slot).  Should your time be limited we would ask that you let us know in advance please.

If there are any costs incurred during your ‘tour’ (cups of coffee, bus tickets, entrance fees etc…)  each person should pay their own separate bills.  The ‘tour’ should remain entirely free of charge, your Greeter is not allowed to accept any tips or payment.  You can however, should you wish to, make a donation to the organization ‘France Greeters’.

In the event of any disagreement (unjustified lateness, a lack of respect, a genuine disinterest in the visit on offer or any other problem) the Greeter can withdraw from the visit.  For further information kindly refer yourselves to the ‘La Baule Greeters’ charter.