The welcome extended to all our visitors has been under the quality label ‘Tourism and Handicap’ since it was awarded to the Tourist Office in 2009. 

Regarded as the mark of quality service this particular label was created in 2001 by the Ministry for Tourism. 
It bears witness to the accessibility of our premises but also, and more importantly, underlines the commitment to the quality of the welcome we wish to extend to all our clients. 

Our trained staff undertakes to adapt our services to the specific needs and requirements of our visitors.

Welcome Videoin sign language. Presented by Aurore and Pauline, from The La Baule Tourist Office. La Baule, an accessible station. 

Having obtained the quality label for the 4 categories of special needs (motor, mental, visual and auditory impairment),

we have put at your disposal :

  • a tape 
  • magnetic loops
  • an amplifier
  • documentation in Braille 
  • a data base of facilities available to you 
  • appropriately adapted posters/signs as well as suitably modified ticket desk ... 

You can also download the following documents with enlarged characters, in French only :

General accessibility information for La Baule

Accessible hotels in La Baule

Accessible restaurants in La Baule

Accessible sites and leisure activities in La Baule

Accessible beds and breakfast in La Baule

Accessible boardinghouses in La Baule

Accessible campings in La Baule

We very much look forward to welcoming you to our resort !